ZINE / TRAIL ANGEL (English Edition)
ZINE / TRAIL ANGEL (English Edition)


The web magazine “TRAILS“ which transmit trail culture start the second edition “ZINE – IN THE TRAIL TODAY“. The memorable ZINE#01 is “TRAILS ANGEL“ by the PCT Hiker Takahisa Nezu who joined anew TRAILS Crew . This book is about an expression of thanks for an TRAIL ANGEL who are PCT Dad & PCT Mom(Jelly and Andrea). They met Nezu on PCT and saved Nezu. It focus on real TRAIL ANGEL and American’s long distance hiking culture. We recommend this ZINE for People who interested in hiking culture and also people who love trip for broaden world. And, here is the reviews by the Three American hikers. Justin Lithcer,  Liz Thomas, Jack Haskel.


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Writer:Takahisa Nezu
Translation by June and Matt
Size:B5(18.2cm ×25.7cm)